MDF Melamine

MDF is made from compressed wood fibers and are usually made from residues and waste wood. Hard board is of comparatively low strength but is a valued material for area coverage at low cost. It is usually produced in thin sheets from 3mm up to 25mm.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in world production of MDF which is a much stronger panel of higher density. It comes in a range of thickness and has the capacity for lighter structural use in small cross sections, and can be machined and shaped like solid wood. It is forecast that MDF will be used in increasing volume.

Plain MDF
Thickness   :  2.7 mm, 3 mm,4 mm,5.5 mm, 6 mm,9 mm,12 mm,18 mm,25mm
Sheet Size  :  4’X8’ , 6’X12’
Origin           :  Malaysian, Thailand, Chinese, European.

MDF – MR (Moisture Resistant)
Thickness  :  6mm, 12mm & 18mm All in 4’X8’
Origin          :  Malaysian & Chinese

White Melamine & Paper Overlaid MDF (One & Two Sides)
Thickness  :  5.5mm & 18mm all in 4’X8’
Origin          : Malaysian (Merbok, Dongwha) & Chinese.

MDF FR (Fire Rated)
Thickness  :  12mm & 18mm all in 4’X8’
Origin          :  Malaysian (Evergreen)