We are delighted to introduce Arab Building Materials Group as one of the biggest international building materials traders with OVER DHS 1 BILLION turnover in our operations in the Middle East (Branches – Jordan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar & Bahrain) and store facilities exceeding 15 Million SQUARE FEETS.

In 2008, Arab Building Materials Co. in UAE celebrated 40 years of excellence and success in the building materials world. Our future plan is to remain the biggest international building material co. in the Middle East by providing premium quality products to our customers and continuously increasing our product line, thereby achieving 30% – 40% yearly growth.

We also intend to expand geographically to cover the whole Middle East market by diversifying our investments and entering into new industries.

Allow me to extend my immense gratitude to all our clients who entrusted their faith and confidence in us and also to the UAE Government for their liberal & broadminded economic policy that helped our company grow to what it is today.

Hoping for your valuable patronage for all our future endeavors.