Hardwoods grow in a wide range of climatic zones. There is a greater variety of hardwood species ranging from the extremely light and soft to the world’s strongest and most durable woods.

In the moist tropics where temperature and seasonality are less varied, the growth of trees is less marked by those seasonal variations in density which are more obvious in the growth rings of trees in temperate climates. Oaks and Ash show annual growth rings whilst Mahogany and other species from the tropics grow more evenly throughout the year.
Individual species show physical characteristics in such a range of properties as hardness, strength, elasticity, durability, abrasion resistance, colour, grain, texture, movement in various levels of atmospheric humidity and so on.
Wood cut from a log has very high moisture content and must be allowed to dry or season. This initial drying process is normally done by stacking to permit free air circulation. As the wood dries it shrinks. “Green” lumber cut from the log is cut oversize to allow for this. Air drying in the UK only permits wood to dry to about 10% moisture content which is too high for timber used in heated buildings. Additional drying to much lower levels is done in kilns

American Hardwoods
Quality : Prime F. A. S Quality – Air Dry & Kiln Dry
Species : Ash, Red Oak, Cherry, & Walnut, White Oak, Hard Maple, Soft Maple,…
Sizes : 1”, 2”, 3” X 6” and Wider X 8’ and longer.

African Hardwoods
Quality : Prime F. A. S Quality
Species : Sapelli, Mahogany, African Teak Dabeema, Iroko,…
Sizes : 1”, 2”, 3” X 6” and Wider X 8’ and longer.

European Hardwoods (Beech Wood)
Quality : Kiln Dry High Quality.
Thickness : 1”, 2”, & 3”
Width & Length : 6” and Wider x 8’ and longer.
Origin : Russian, Georgian, German, Italian, Romanian, …

Far Eastern Hardwoods (Red Meranti)
Quality : F. A. S Quality
Thickness : 2” & 3”
Width : 6” / 8” / 9” / 10” / 12”
Length : 8’ to 22’
Origin : West & East Malaysian